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Lynn Taylor is the most widely recognized national workplace expert and bestselling author on building manager-employee relations and an invigorated corporate culture.

In 2015, Lynn reached more than 11 million people with her career advancement and leadership advice. A regular contributor to BusinessInsider and Work blogger for PsychologyToday, Lynn has been featured in: The Washington Post, MSN, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Forbes, Money magazine and Bloomberg/Business; and continues to be a leading authority on all things work and “bosses”/employees.

Let Lynn’s 20 years of workplace expertise and executive experience with major corporations help you transform and invigorate your team for visible results.

Her classic, timeless workplace dynamics book,  Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant; How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior & Thrive in Your Job (hardcover and Kindle), has been an Amazon bestseller for 7 consecutive years, helping to bridge the gap between management and their teams.

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Lynn's book on managing conflict in the office, Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant; How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior & Thrive in Your Job, has been an Amazon bestseller for seven consecutive years.


Lynn Taylor, Workplace Expert, Talks About Building an Invigorated Workforce

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The Trusted Workplace

Lynn Taylor, workplace expert, talks about the importance of a trusted workplace in employee motivation and corporate growth. Emotional intelligence, authenticity and lifelong learning are among the tenets of a trusted workplace - and a healthier bottom line, she says.

TOT Zones in Companies, and Bullying

A Terrible Office Tyrant (TOT) Zone zaps morale and productivity. Lynn Taylor, workplace expert, talks about why; and what senior management can do to create an invigorated workplace. She says a TOT Zone can lead to bullying - a gateway to costly worker's compensation claims and discrimination lawsuits.

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