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Survey: Boss Behavior Causes Rampant Worrying

We just released this study, which shows the incredible power and bottom line results of a humanized workplace. Please read on:

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Bad Boss Behavior Is Dragging Your Company Down

Many leading experts are emphasizing the importance of a psychologically healthy workplace for a company’s success. This may be more difficult to achieve now than it used to be. National surveys commissioned by my company, Lynn Taylor Consulting, and conducted by an independent global research firm show that bad and childish boss behavior rose 50% […]

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“So, What’s Your Book About?”

In my daily travels, after people ask me the name of my forthcoming book, their first reaction is usually laughter. They immediately understand that Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant™ (TOT) is a self-help guide to make the workplace more manageable, offering some laughs along the way. Mission accomplished! But the follow-up comments are always fascinating. […]

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