4 Emotional Intelligence Skills Job Seekers Need for Remote Work Today

One notable outcome of the pandemic and remote work is the pressing demand for job candidates with strong emotional intelligence skills. Reliance on video and other digital platforms has continued to grow exponentially.

Consequently, hiring managers now consider emotional intelligence, or EQ, a cornerstone of employability as they navigate the current, more impersonal landscape.

A Slack survey conducted last year suggested that nearly half of all remote workers feel isolated. All the more reason that the ability to show warmth and manage difficult situations with ease, among other EQ skills, are highly valued. In the remote workplace, the virtues of in-person communication are replaced by subtleties and innuendo.

In this Psychology Today article, I explain why these EQ abilities are in demand, and how jobseekers can leverage them — particularly in the job interview, real-time.

A sneak preview of the four tenets:

• Trust
• Self-awareness
• Empathy
• Communication ability

The workplace landscape has likely changed forever, having embraced remote work. This presents an opportunity for you to showcase your emotional intelligence skills in landing your next dream job. Honing them further will enhance your long-term advancement prospects significantly — regardless of your next career move. Please check out the article.