Are You In Danger Of Becoming An Office Tyrant?

Your Own Employees Can Help


Bad bosses seem to be ubiquitous—employees’ surveys keep pointing that way. There are, though, few truly incorrigible office tyrants—most bad bosses behave badly episodically.

When under stress or frustrated, many bosses—just like most humans—aren’t on their best behavior. Overwhelming stress can turn a suave charmer into an angry beast in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to lose sight of goals in the midst of emotional turmoil and devolve into an unruly child. If not kept in check, that unproductive behavior is likely to become a permanent trait – a go-to mode when under pressure.

In coping with one’s shortcomings, it’s wise to use any help available, and some of it can come from people whose daily effort is already the basis of your success—your employees. That’s why in the latest article on my Psychology Today blog I recommend that employees use their communication savvy to help their “difficult” bosses move towards better behavior, and employ what I call the “manage up toolbox”.

For a manager, understanding and friendly attitude towards employees’ managing up can help establish more productive behavioral patterns and achieve a better rapport in the workplace.

For the employees, managing up this way creates a win-win situation. By helping their manager overcome unproductive tendencies they make their work life less stressful while improving potential for advancement. Read the complete article on