Assertive or Aggressive: How Do You Draw the Line?

Drawing the line between assertiveness and aggressiveness is always a difficult proposition. While the former is often admired, even if sometimes begrudgingly, the latter is usually loathed, as it basically turns the person into a Terrible Office Tyrant. So when the situation requires taking a stand, you may second-guess yourself: “Will I step over the line? If I do nothing, will I lose ground?”

That line is not set in stone—it moves with the ebb and flow of the discussion, offering an additional challenge. Yet you can walk the tightrope by increasing your people sensitivity and emotional intelligence. In a recent Business Insider article, I take a closer look at that line – and the two behavioral modes it separates. Included are tips to help you garner greater trust among you colleagues, as you seek to attain your career and management goals.

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