Calming Job Jitters In Your Office

Although the unemployment climate has given nearly everyone job jitters as underscored in Inc. and our national survey, you can do your part to ease the concerns of your staff.

Beyond the basic approach of open, honest, and direct communication, there are additional steps you can take that will help keep your team motivated and productive. These include:

  • Be aware of your verbal and nonverbal communication, which includes words, tone, and body language. This is part of my mantra: Humanize Your WorkplaceTM.
  • Let your employees know there is room to rise in the organization. Clearly articulate career pathing and outline opportunities.
  • Own up to any mistakes.  Apologize genuinely and move on.
  • Show your staff the same respect as you would a peer or senior personnel, e.g., uphold scheduled meetings and arrive on time; honor your commitments.
  • Tell your employees what they did right, which is especially powerful when done publicly.

Dedication, loyalty, and productivity are all characteristics that managers want most from their teams. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes, and think about whether you are inspiring these qualities each day. Think of the old adage: People won’t remember what you said or did, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.