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Does Your Firm Seem Like a Schoolyard?

If you’re like many senior business leaders today, you may often feel like you run a schoolyard or playground, not a professional office. But perhaps the only mood swings in sight are your manager’s mood swings. Bad bosses, or what I call Terrible Office Tyrants (TOTs™) seem to be making rounds these days, as job […]

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Help is Here for TOT-Laden Workplaces

It has been a very exciting week! In the first week’s launch of my book, Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant™(TOT): How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job (John Wiley & Sons), it has received extensive media attention. The book’s release represents my seven year passion, which continues – to help employees become […]

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Knocking Down Doors – Literally!

Keeping the lines of communication open in the workplace is critical – both metaphorically and literally, as illustrated by a national independent workplace study commissioned by Lynn Taylor Consulting, and released in March. Interestingly, in April, AOL’s new CEO, Tim Armstrong, took a significant symbolic step consistent with this study which made some headlines. He […]

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Being a “Balanced” Manager

Everyone can have a bad day. It’s part of being human. The problem is when we’re charged with managing a team and being our best for the sake of others and something bigger than ourselves each day: the company. In a recent discussion with ABC News, I pointed out that even the best managers have […]

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Employee “Stress Tests”: Invest Now in Human Capital

The recent banking Stress Tests just revealed that an infusion of $74.6 billion in capital will be necessary for banks to withstand the recession. Shrewd managers might be well advised to follow suit with their employees and conduct a “stress test” of their own. The goal? To similarly determine how their staff is withstanding the […]

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Time Management: The Time is Now

Everyone in the workplace today feels the crunch of time. You probably have more on your plate now than you can remember in a long time (a lot to stomach!) A healthy does of time management could be a timely elixir to achieve some needed work-life balance. Here are some tried-and-true time management tips: •    […]

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