Gen U™: The Discussion Continues

The Generation Unretired phenomenon is growing, and there is new data to support that. A study conducted by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a nonprofit in Kansas City, MO, shows that with job market in decline more and more older Americans are becoming entrepreneurs.

During the last decade people ages 55-to-64 had a higher rate of entrepreneurial activity than fresh out of college youngsters and people in their 30s.

Many of these older entrepreneurs are targeting their own demographic as customers. Based on their experience, they better understand the needs of their own age group and are often able to successfully meet those needs.

Even the most active of Gen U business owners sometimes meet with problems. Banks, for example, are often reluctant to lend money to older people. The society needs to put aside age-related assumptions and embrace the phenomenon that will only continue to grow.

Other Gen U workers are still returning to more traditional jobs. To read more on this overall trend, please see the links below:

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