Managing Mood Swings

Employees take their “attitudinal” cues from their bosses. If the boss is upbeat, then the employee acts in kind. If the boss is all over the map, your workplace may be morphing into a sugared up schoolyard, complete with sugar crashes in the afternoon.

If your employees are wearing more “Goth” attire lately, you might want to check on your managerial approach. Are your moods as changeable as the stock market? In my latest Psychology Today blog, How To Manage Your Boss’s Mood Swings, I explain what may be the cause of mood swings and how to handle them. It’s an opportunity to see if this is occurring in your own backyard.

Of course, if you feel your management style is fairly stable, then you can use my five tips for managing moody mayhem to lighten up your own managers. By doing so, your workplace can change from the Perfect Storm to smoother sailing this New Year.