New Year’s Resolutions – You Are Not Alone

Help Your Team Move Forward

While most people make some strides towards their New Year’s Resolutions, most are not 100 percent successful at achieving all of them. It’s human nature to be more positive at the start of something new – especially a new calendar year. But if you can stay vigilant year-round and keep your goals at the forefront all year, you’ll thrive in your career..

What are some of the most common work-related New Year’s resolutions? Most often, to more effectively follow one’s passions in job-seeking; prioritize better or work smarter in order to have more personal time; become a better communicator and presenter; reduce stress; and increase status and/or compensation level. But how can you achieve them?

My recent article at lists some suggestions for resolutions that would improve one’s career in the coming year. Improving communication skills, for example, would benefit any manager. Besides, as a leader, you are in a unique position to help your employees fulfill their career-related resolutions. Granted, it sounds like an addition to your already busy life but it doesn’t need to be a big to do – you know your people, and you can easily guess what each of them would want to achieve professionally in the coming year. Just keeping that in mind when you plan and organize for your team will go a long way. That could be a manager’s New Year’s resolution – creating a closer-knit team by helping those under your guidance realize their potential.

Read the article at and think how it would benefit your situation if your co-workers’ New Year’s resolutions were to become reality.