Put Leadership Training on the Front Burner

The recession forced corporations to cut down on training, especially leadership programs, creating a deficiency that will sooner or later show up in their performance. Leadership training is highly important for success – both long-term and immediate. There can be no justification for postponing it indefinitely, not even in these tough economic times. Even a paired-down program – a workshop or a seminar once in a while, dedicated to chosen key topics – can help boost morale, spur organizational growth, improve management/stuff relations, invigorate employees, and, overall, boost productivity and improve the bottom line. To this important issue is devoted my latest article on BusinessWeek.com. Please read a sample below:

Organizations may have cut funds for training, but they may not be able to afford putting it off forever. Perhaps the myth still exists that leadership training is a costly, time-consuming measure with only long-term gain—when in fact, relatively low-cost measures can reap immediate results.

For example, you could give a one-day workshop on strategic growth initiatives, motivating staff through enhanced communications or improving skills for virtual-team leadership. Sure, this will mean time spent planning the workshop and perhaps money invested in hiring an outside facilitator, but it could contribute to the bottom line in hours. A motivated salesperson, invigorated by a sales manager’s genuine public praise one morning, can easily precipitate a sales spike that afternoon.

Other good subject matter for leadership training sessions includes: implementing career pathing for employees; setting objectives and expectations and monitoring them among staff; delegating tasks to others; team building and creating a sense of community; mentoring and helping teams maximize their potential; and establishing alignment with business and personal goals.

These days, businesses have a segment of employees inspired to work only because they want to keep their jobs. But as employment improves, survival won’t be enough to compel them to leap out of bed in the morning.

A key to invigorating employees

Leaders must know how to motivate their teams to work for mutual success and the larger success of the company. Even with the economy still faltering, more progressive companies are considering restarting leadership training. They recognize it as a wise investment in creating an invigorated workforce.

The complete article highlights some research results on leadership training and the success of companies that don’t neglect it. It also lists important topics to include in your renewed leadership training program.