Something To Remind Us …

I recently wrote this piece for Psychology Today that reminds us as managers that we have to take responsibility for our own self worth in the office. Since that’s an essential ingredient in work as in life, no matter where you sit on the organizational chart, take a moment to think how you can give your team a deserved boost for a job well done.

Be Your Own Valentine

With Valentine’s Day approaching this weekend, it’s another reminder that many couples may not feel very festive — or romantic — given their job situation these days. In fact, in many conversations these days, I hear workplace and job concerns becoming all-consuming in people’s lives.

Thirteen hours in a five-day workweek are spent worrying about one’s job fate, and similar studies are in my earlier blogs. Even when people are employed, many of them feel tenuous in their jobs due to uncertain economic times and often challenging bosses.

Maybe you’ve tried counseling your special someone, reviewing a resume, role playing an interview or trying to empathize about an unreasonable manager. Time for a romantic toast anyone?

Perhaps this year, you can let cupid’s arrow hit YOUR OWN world, specifically your career and job.

Maybe this year, you can be your own Valentine, even if for a moment. Love yourself enough to be proud of your skills that no one can take away from you; your accomplishments; and the incredible ability you have in the future to achieve great things.

For starters, you can take control, rather than letting your career or job control you. Here are some simple empowering reminders that can make your life – and perhaps your Valentine’s day more fulfilling:

1) Remember that you’re a free agent. Yes, unemployment is high, but you have a skills set that is unique and if you’re currently looking, all you need is one job. The best jobs are not always advertised. Often they’re found through networking, especially with the availability of social media tools, such as Linkedin.

2) Think about how your skills can contribute to the bottom line. Then share it and get the nod to pursue it. Are there weak links in your existing company or a prospective company that could mean greater profits? Many jobs have been created for people who can bring in revenue or reduce costs.

3) Use your interpersonal intelligence with bad boss behavior (or Terrible Office Tyrants – TOTs) to understand what’s really behind the blustering. Usually there’s a lot more beyond what meets the eye. Once you crack the code, you’ll see events through a new lens, helping you focus and thrive.

4) Try to resist the natural temptation to allow others’ tension devour you. Realize that you can take specific steps to manage relationships on your terms. Your leverage is your daily contributions and unique skills. That’s your focus. Your own success is the best revenge, but remember, revenge is usually an unsustainable motivator.

Happy Valentine’s Day …to YOU.

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