What Does Casual Dress Really Mean Today?

6 Wardrobe Tips for Career Success.


Casual dress has become a mainstay in the workplace – but along with the shift is greater ambiguity in knowing what will help or hinder your career. The policies, written or not, can vary by company; department; industry; your boss; geographic location; day of the week; the day’s events; and more.

Your style choices play a big role in how you brand yourself at work, how you are perceived and how empowered you feel. Be sure the message you send your employer is the right one. Your choices should project an image of being a confident and professional person, while keeping in line with your office dress code.

Simple tricks, such as accessorizing with a fashionable blazer, scarf or pocket square, a good pair of shoes or an attractive belt – can make a big difference in taking your casual wardrobe up a notch. You don’t have to look like you just walked off a fashion runway covered in luxury brands. Well groomed and neatness counts for a lot.

In my latest Psychology Today article What Does Casual Dress Really Mean Today?, I offer 6 wardrobe tips that will help enhance your career success.