Identifying Workplace Trends

Lynn has anticipated several workplace trends, and coined various terms for changing workforce patterns. Several years ago, she created the term, “Gen U” for Generation Unretired – giving an identity to a profound generation of baby boomers and retirees who have changed all the retirement rules for Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z.

Today, this development continues to make headlines, as all other generations are now anticipated to work past their retirement years. The shift is also drawing much greater attention to multi-generational differences in the workplace.

Lynn has also seen the growing trend toward project workers as a workforce game changer, calling this new breed of entrepreneurial “temporary” workers, as seen here: “Tempreneur,” in BloombergBusiness and in AOL/Finance. Today, according to the 1/16 World Economic Forum report, 44% of companies believe that changing work environments and flexible working arrangements are the most significant job trend.

She promoted the critical role of emotional intelligence and people skills in the workplace beginning in the late ‘90s, a topic that ultimately evolved into her bestselling book. Emotional intelligence continues to be the foundation of today’s healthy corporate culture. Lynn believes that for the next decade, a humanized, Trusted Workplace™ will be the key to corporate success.

In the video below, Lynn talks about “Gen U” and how they’ve changed the traditional view of retirement for all generations.