8 Easy Ways to Empower Yourself at Work

A lot has been said in recent years about empowerment … and what that means, exactly, is very subjective. But one thing is for sure. There has never been a greater need for it.

In over 20 years of examining workplace dynamics, never before have I sensed a greater need among women and men for a more invigorated self-worth. This is why I have lately added the moniker of “empowerment zealot” to further define my passions.

I believe much of this is due to a more frenetic and complex world – driven by the pervasiveness of technology in our work and personal lives. (Granted, we would never forfeit the rewards of the digital age.)

I talked about this subject in an article for Psychology Today and shared eight tips to become more empowered in your work and life:

  1. Define what success and happiness looks like. Success in business and in life means something different to everyone. Decide what brings you joy and put aside all the “what if’s.”
  2. Humanize Your Communications. It can be hard to remember, but technology is a tool that should enhance, not detract from good communications.
  3. Let go of fear. Be the one who bravely communicates with colleagues, and you won’t be disappointed.
  4. Listen to others, but stay on course. Naysayers were put on this planet to put obstacles in your way. Your task is to take advice under consideration, but continue moving forward, undeterred, as your pursue your dreams.
  5. Design your career objectives based on your needs, not those of others. What would bring you the greatest long-term satisfaction – without being afraid of affecting others (a self-imposed barrier?) Too many people become reliant on the wrong advisers when pursuing their dreams.
  6. Allow your career and personal dreams to take their course. Placing undue stress on yourself to become an overnight success or trying to do it 10 times faster than what’s humanly possible, can be self-destructive.
  7. Embrace chaos. Disruption can be the sign of important changes about to present themselves and good things often come in unexpected ways.
  8. Check your surroundings. Surround yourself with positive people and information that keep your passion and engine alive with excitement, even through the toughest times.

Read the full article to learn more about empowering yourself at work or visit www.TameYourTOT.com.