Are You Ignoring Someone On You Team?

It may happen sometimes that a manager would seem to ignore or avoid a member of his own team. In my latest Psychology Today article I address possible reasons, and offer some advice for the unlucky employee. Here is an excerpt:

Your performance is good, you are getting the job done without making big waves. But at the back of your mind there’s a persistent thought: it would be nice if your boss answered your e-mails or acknowledged your stellar work on that critical report. Being ignored can trigger a cascade of wasteful worries that don’t help your performance at all.

Often, it’s not about you. Your boss could be overwhelmed and distracted with other tasks or trying to solve big problems in little time – and in this case you are in no danger.

It could also be that your boss is feeling powerless. So in order to feel some semblance of control managers may act as if they’re too important to have time for you. Or, if there is a problem between you and your boss, instead of facing uncomfortable situations he may find it easier to just tune you out.

Boost Your Visibility

Keeping a low profile when you are ignored would be a mistake. Instead you need to increase your visibility and step up your role. The more indispensable you are, the better.

Make an effort to get your boss’ attention when you need it.

Points to Consider:

• Being ignored is no fun, but try not to take it personally. Your boss might simply be busy or preoccupied.

• Find out the reason by asking directly and by asking your colleagues.

• If you’ve done something to irritate or disappoint your manager, try to communicate with your ignoring TOT in a nonthreatening, constructive way.

• Make it easy for your boss: set up regular meeting times, keep the meetings short, and make your reports or presentations are appealing and creative.

If nothing else, getting in front of the problem will release a lot of tension. At best, it will mitigate the problem and perhaps even strengthen the relationship.

For a manager: By proactively anticipating communication gaps or honestly facing possible compatibility problems you will eliminate a lot of unproductive tension in the workplace and help your employees to help you achieve your goals.

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