Don’t Want To Be A Bad Boss?

Your employees can help

When under stress or frustrated, most bosses aren’t on their best behavior – just like most mortal beings. A virtual charmer in the morning can easily morph into a raging bull in the afternoon. One can lose sight of his goals in the midst of emotional turmoil – sometimes behaving like an unruly child. And chances are high of that unproductive behavior becoming a permanent trait – a go-to mode when under pressure. And for your employees, that’s just “bad boss syndrome”. That’s why in the recent entry of my Psychology Today blog I recommend that employees use their “people skills” to help their “difficult” bosses move towards better behavior.

For the employees, managing up this way creates a win-win situation. By supporting their manager’s efforts to overcome their unproductive tendencies, they’ll be making their work life less stressful, while improving their potential for advancement. Check out the article at – you may even want to suggest it to your team, for those times when going just gets so tough you feel you could snap.