Recommended Reading: First Things First

Most of us remember our first days at every job because of the heightened pressure to impress. But you can reduce your anxiety by being as meticulous in planning your first day as you were in securing your new position. You’ll need to find your bearings in relation to your management and co-workers and “learn the ropes”. You do not need to necessarily achieve much on your first day but it helps to let people see your attitude and work ethics. To prepare, use the article by Jacquelyn Smith, writing for the Business Insider, titled 19 Things You Should Do On Your First Day Of Work. She offers a great list of reminders and preparation tips from a number of workplace experts, including yours truly.

Another useful list from Jacquelyn Smith is 12 Things Successful People Do In The First Hour Of The Workday, in which I also was happy to participate. That first hour sets the tone for the day, and though it seems easy – just do whatever needs to be done – using it strategically and cultivating this approach as a habit for that time of day certainly can lead to stronger achievements. Success is a mindset; if you’re mindful of what it takes to succeed first thing in the morning, you’ll likely revisit these priorities throughout the day and stay on task.